Getting an online education

I been learning for the last week.


First off getting more education has been an exciting goal I been trying to get into. It appears that there are consequences for attempting to get formal education, say at a community college I could lose government benefits, I am not kidding. But there are online sources of education. I told My Big Sissy that I wanted to get more formal education about writing and she grabbed all sorts of links to real universities which grant free access to their recorded lecture series a few on writing. How cool is that?

What happened is just to test the water I signed up for a physics class. I love that kind of science I figured I would do well. However, it was a college courseā€¦ and I just am brain jelly in math, its been so long since I done any math. Physics deals with Trig a lot, and I don’t know crud about angles and triangles. So I enrolled in a more basic class at khan academy. And I am having a blast.

True I have only completed 100% of third grade. But my schooling stretches over all the grades. Soon I expect I can take that physics class with confidence.

In addition to physics and math I also am enrolled in a very comprehensive NLP course like 30 hours of class. I always really wanted to discover more about NLP I think it will be a good class for me.

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